Breathe in. Breathe out.

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It’s August.

This is the month of my due date. If he comes on time, baby Robert Winchester Baker will be here in ten days.

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To recognize the last ten days (hopefully), here are ten facts about my pregnancy:

I found out I was pregnant in December at the Piedmont Women’s Center. The ladies there were incredible and treated me like I was their daughter, sister, granddaughter, etc. The women I met that day and at my follow up appointment really encouraged me and started this pregnancy off with joy only God could give.

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I craved cheeseburgers. I could not get enough of them. I could have one for lunch and immediately be thinking about having one for dinner. This was definitely my main craving the entire time.

giphy (11)

The first thing I bought for Robert was a teddy bear. I got the bear while I was at the Biltmore in North Carolina. These organic bears are made in California by Bears for Humanity. This organization donates a bear to a child in need for every bear that is purchased.

I didn’t want to know what the baby’s gender was, but the closer I got to finding out, the more I wanted to know. I also just wanted to buy clothes and literally everything I saw for the baby…and to stop referring to my baby as “it.”

giphy (12)

I dyed my hair blue to reveal the gender, and Ben had a blue glitter beard. Staying blindfolded during this process was so difficult but so worth the reveal.


The first person I told was my mom. She gave me her copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. She also dug out a bunch of my baby blankets and clothes.

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The first thing I did was make a Pinterest board to store all my ideas and mom blogs. Some of those mom blogs are just glorified pregnancy horror stories and should be avoided, but most of them are amazing resources.

I lived in maternity leggings. I am not ready to let these things go. Also, active wear was the best until the bump got too big.

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The second trimester really is the “honeymoon trimester.” What a tease. The third trimester comes around and you remember how tired and gross you felt during the first, plus being kicked. But at this point you’re just so ready to meet your baby that it isn’t actually that bad. It’s all about perspective.

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I have actually loved being pregnant, even though sometimes I’m tired of being pregnant. This journey has been so beautiful. While sometimes I was moody or in pain or tired or just didn’t know what I was feeling or wanting, being pregnant has taught me a lot. I have learned about myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. I have learned about Ben and he has learned about me.

I have also learned to trust God with everything, including my physical well being. It’s easy to believe that God can protect me spiritually, but physically is a little harder. Pregnancy has shown me that God created women to do this and that it is a natural thing.


You are going to be here so soon, and we are so excited to meet you!


Mom and Dad







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